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Sunlink Movers Kenya is a trusted moving company in Nairobi Kenya providing reliable and affordable  office moving, home moving, packing services, TV mounting, DSTV Installation services and storage solutions

Affordable Movers in Nairobi Kenya

Sunlink Movers Kenya have grown to become a leading moving company in Nairobi Kenya, serving customers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kiambu and across the country. Our highly skilled team of well trained movers in Nairobi Kenya endeavour to provide only the highest quality when it comes to customer service, taking great care with all your possessions – whether it’s heavy furniture or appliances.

Whether you’re moving within Nairobi, sorrounding areas or across the country, we can help make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We are proud to be a leading provider of efficient and professional moving services in Nairobi of any size or scale. Our skill, dedication and passion for friendly customer service have allowed us to serve customers for over 5 years across Kenya.

Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya




Trained staff




Trained staff

Professional Movers in Nairobi Kenya

We understand you need affordable moving services while still having the confidence that you will get moving services that are professional, with keen attention to details to guarantee safety.

House Moving Services

Enjoy affordable residential home moving services in Nairobi Kenya customised to specifically meet your needs. We guarantee full safety of your belongs.

Office Moving Services

We offer exquisite office relocation services. We understand that nature of office moving is very different from house moving.

Storage Solutions

Our warehousing service provides access to best in class equipment, space, labor, and the flexibility to scale up or down according to business needs.

House Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

Moving house takes a lot of planning, time, energy and dedication, and can often be the source of stress and frustration to many. Packing, loading and transporting all your possessions is a difficult task, and one that can be seldom done alone. That’s where the highly trained team from a moving company in Nairobi Kenya like Sunlink Movers Kenya come in.

Movers in Nairobi Kenya

 We provide a comprehensive house moving servicein Nairobi to all our customers, taking care of all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We handle and transport all your possessions with care, making sure they arrive at your brand new home in the same condition as when they left.

Whether you’re setting up in a new home nearby, or planning inter county relocation, our friendly, efficient and professional team of movers in Nairobi Kenya can relieve the pressure and strain from residential moves of any size or scale.

We always endeavour to provide the highest quality when it comes to customer service and efficiency, from packing up the very first item to unloading that last heavy box, we make the entire home moving service as stress-free and simple as can be, giving you more time to plan and settle into life in your brand new home.

We serve customers across a wide area, from Nairobi and Kiambu to Mombasa, so please feel free to contact us by calling +254 727 665 294 (or your local number) for any advice and information, or to a arrange a quotation; our friendly team will be happy to help. Or, you can simply contact us online.

Our removal team will bring all necessary moving equipment on the day of your move. They will provide everything you’ll need to protect your belongings and the premises during the move. We supply a range of protective equipment including: blankets, mirror / picture/ TV protection, mattress protectors, sofa covers and hanging wardrobes. We understand that moving can be an overwhelming process, so we keep in mind those little things that’ll help to ease the process.

How It Works

Our flat rate quotes are 100% accurate. When we set a price for your move, we stick to it, which is actually sort of a surprise when you compare us to other movers in Nairobi Kenya.


Fill the free quote form or call us and provide us with the neccessary details for us to be able to send you a quote or organise for a pre-visit

Quoting and Confirmation

Once all the important data has been gathered, we provide you a detailed free no obligation quote with servvices description.


Once the moving price has been agreed, we plan and organise so that you can experience the magic from best movers in Nairobi Kenya

Office Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

Your business is your livelihood, so moving an office or building does not leave room for any setbacks. Our experts at Sunlink Movers Kenya have the knowledge and experience to assure that your equipment is handled with utmost care, confidentiality and that your business is up and running without delay.

House Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

We will help you to find the right balance between cost and productivity to assure your move is not only good for business, but also your peace of mind. Sunlink Movers Kenya known to be one of the most organized commercial moving companies in Nairobi Kenya and surrounding areas. Our flat rate commercial relocation offers make us stand apart as well.

Interested in how we work? Here are some of our processes for handling your equipment and other valuable office items:

We all know unpacking can be a draining chore, especially after you just managed to go through a move. Our attentive team at Sunlink Movers Kenya is happy to assist you with whatever unpacking tasks you need done. Full office or just those last heavy boxes, we are here to make settling into your new office as stress-free as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

I will rate Sunlink Movers Kenya as on of the top movers in Nairobi Kenya. The team was very well cordinated. You look at how they are doing the job and feel they deserve more than what you arwe paying them. Titus and his team did a good job.

Sarah Otieno

Sunlink Movers Kenya did an excellent job. I was really satisfied with the work they did. Their rates were affordable as compared to what I had paid on my last reloaction. I can say they are the best movers in Nairobi.

Lukas Wanjohi

Sunlink Movers Kenya provided the best professional moving services from Nairobi to Nakuru where I was reporting to my new work station. It was so smooth it didn’t feel I ever moved. Keep the good work.

Claire Chelengat

I really enjoyed the top notch communication and support. My calls were picked as I was not present during the move. Joining then at the end of the day and I found my house and belongings safe and propertly arranged.

Rodgers Wafula

The price was a bit expensive for me but I must admit when the team came in with all those packing materials and what they did. I was totally satisfied. They are the best moving services company in Nairobi Kenya for me.

Hellen Kinyua